Saturday, March 10, 2007

Live! From New York!

It's my web comic! This is what we in the web biz call a soft launch. The web site is live but I've only told a few people about it. As of this writing I plan to add a title page and then add some background people to the opening scenes. But I am driving enough traffic here that I wanted the people kind enough to check in to have some indication that the site is, for all intents and purposes, live. The official launch date is only a few days away, and will be marked by a massive email to just about everyone I know. I will also be linking here through a series of super-redundant profiles on various social networking sites. Then all of those profiles will also link to each other, so people can read the same three exciting facts about me and my comic in many different places.

For what it's worth, tonight is the Last Dance at Roxy. It seems like only yesterday I was lamenting the last dance at Pavilion. Where does the time go?

1 comment:

Z-Maker said...

YAY! :)
I am beyond excited for what I know will be a venture into magnificence in the making. :)
Chris the site and story are amazing--I look forward to seeing you grow and thrive with your passion.

Keep the momentum going, my friend!

Love and Hugs (Always)