Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Status Update

Tackling cartooning as a hobby means that it often takes a back set to the rest of my life. But just so you know that I have not abandoned you, here is a status update on things I have been doing instead of posting fresh, tasty installments of the Michaels for your comic consumption.

Prism Guide

Prism Comics is a nonprofit organization that supports LGBT comics, creators, and readers. I am happy to announce that the Michaels are going to appear in Prism's 2008 Guide. Probably. Until I see it print I won't be sure, but the editors return my emails, which I find reassuring. I submitted some of the cartoons from this site as well as an original full-page cartoon that I'm excited about because you can enjoy the entire comic without needing to click Next Page three times to finally get to a joke.

Party Chasers
Wait! It gets better! I have a brand new comic called Party Chasers! Again I will be published! Party Chasers appears in Noize Magazine starting May 1. I will write a longer post about it after comes out because I am very excited about this new opportunity.

While I greatly appreciate emails you dedicated readers send me telling me that you clicked on my ads a hundred times, The reality is that A) Those ads aren't enough to pay my bills, and B) Most of those ads aren't pay-per-click, anyway.

The purpose of the web site was to get me started, which it did. Now I am going to take some time to create a submission to send to publishers. My goal is to get The Michaels published as a series of graphic novels because that it the most realistic option I have to make a living as a cartoonist. I will spend the next few weeks working on that submission.

OK, then more Michaels?
Um.. then I will update my ancient portfolio web site to include the Michaels and Party Chasers, and then I will update the Michaels, assuming some huge book publisher hasn't signed me onto my fantasy book deal that is keeping me so busy I can't work on the web site.

As always, thank you for checking in with me.