Monday, March 19, 2007

First update! Yay!

Talking about Roxy is so last week but I'm going to do it anyway. Two interesting articles were printed about it. One was in the New York Times, and in it John Blair reveals that Roxy's patrons were rated 1 - 4, with 4s being the beautiful people and celebrities who got in for free. The straight and the ugly, meanwhile, were lumped together into the 1 category.

The Village Voice had an interesting piece that discussed Roxy's significance in the history of New York's club culture, citing its 1991 opening as a revitalization of gay nightlife.

You can read the Times article here and the Voice article here.

About today's installment

Just in case you weren't overwhelmed memorizing four new people in the first installment, here are two more. Are you taking notes?

The house exterior seen here is based on the house my friends and I rent out each summer. This is done out of necessity so I have a real-life example when I draw backgrounds. The kitchen, however, is completely made up, save the water cooler in the background. This is how our kitchen might look if Ty Pennington stopped by with his megaphone and a few friends.

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Anonymous said...

And what number do you think the Roxy people assigned to you? I like what the article said about 3s....pretty people who pay.