Monday, April 2, 2007


Chris and I are going out of town Thursday for a long weekend, so the next update after today will be Monday, April 16 at the soonest.

But enough about me. Check this out: The long-dormant blog run by the owners of the Pavilion is all a-buzz with activity. Most interesting is that they have an updated picture of the Pavilion renovation that you can see here.

In addition, it seems that a reality show about the Pines staff will be shot next summer and they are currently looking for applicants.

Lastly, they have officially announced that grocery shoppers in the Pines will now be able to buy Citarella products at A Fresh Market, and new store opening up in one of the new retail spaces in the Pavilion building. This is significant since up until now there has been only one grocery store in the Pines, The Pines Pantry.

You can read about all of this in more detail on The Pavilion Blog.

About today's installment

When I showed today's installment to Chris he thought something was off about the house and told me to "add something to it, like a tree." He was right: The house is supposed to be in a wooded area, but it looked like it was sitting in the middle of a field.

I framed the foreground with leaves and now it looks a lot more like an actual Fire Island house. You can see before and after examples below. (Click to enlarge.)


theGayMonsters said...

Chris, your style is so inspiring. Your background was amazing. Kudos to Chris for the "adding of the trees" idea. It's total eye-candy. Also, this installment is funny. Cousin Jeri... CLASSIC!

Chris said...

Thanks, Andy. Looking forward to another update of The Gay Monsters!