Tuesday, May 1, 2007

After these messages (we'll be right back)

The time has come for me to take a brief hiatus from the Michaels so I can focus on my regular web design work - the work that actually pays the bills. This is my first break but will not be my last.

When I am able to turn my attention back to It's the Michaels I will wait until I have a small cushion of new strips built up before I start posting them again. The next installment will probably come in June, but exactly when in June is hard to say. If you would like to be notified when the installments start up again, please email me a request and I will add you to the Michaels Mailing List.

Many thanks to all of you who check this site regularly for updates. I am sorry for this interruption but I believe working this way gives you a better experience than if I focused on the weekly deadlines at the expense of the quality of the comic.


theGayMonsters said...

Hi Chris! ooooh... such a pretty background. :)

I love your comments. I had to take a hiatus from The Gay Monsters for the first time too. It gutted me to slow down the momentum but April was a killer month for my finances since the gov't drained my bank account. :(

So, back to the paid gigs. But you're right... quality is better than quantity. I can't wait to see more!


Anonymous said...

whatever! we want more! now! we demand it (the public.)

Z-Maker said...

I learn so much from your wisdom.

Thanks for the reminder...quality IS better than quanity! I look forward to seeing more of the Michaels in June!