Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome Abel Boddy Readers!

...and, heck, welcome to everyone else, too. And thank you, Mr. Edwards for the guest strip opportunity.I have admired Abel Boddy for a long time and am flattered to be associated with it in this way.

You readers have reached the blog of It's the Michaels, my labor of love that will one day be coming to a book store - or iPad - near you. God willing. Until then, please enjoy the strips I have online. If you like them please tell your friends, and also be sure to check out my comic strip Party Chasers, which appears in NoiZe Magazine. Wait, you don't get NoiZe? Well then, check out this sneak Party Chasers peek:


Justin said...

Super cute how you draw those bodies! :)

Chris said...

Thanks, Justin. I just checked out your portfolio site. Amazing work!

Jubell said...

Just wanted to drop in and say that I am totally going to start following your blog.

Also I loved your 'Michaels' comic strip! I laughed and got all giddy when you did the "Facts of Life" greeting...I don't know so much of that comic had little nuances that were great to see (especially the little bits of characterization you added in such a short time)

You're quite a talent.

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Your Comic hero is just like a super hero.i just love to read it.Hope every one will like it.

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Chris said...

Thank you all for your kind words! I am looking to resume updating The Michaels comic and blog in early 2011. I'm very excited to show you the next chapter and grateful for your appreciation.