Monday, September 17, 2007

Did you miss me?

It didn't take long for me become what I dreaded most - a web cartoonist who devotes half his blog posts to apologizing for never updating his comic. Maybe I can look at that as a milestone?

I had a great summer at Fire Island (Um... doing research for my comic...) during which I was able to hear Rihanna intone UMBRELLA ELLA ELLA five hundred gazillion times -- about twice as many times that Nicole from the The Pussycat Dolls asked me if I wished my girlfriend was hot like her only two summers earlier.

Now summer is over and I will console myself by spending as much time as possible inside Cartoon Fire Island until another cold wet New York winter breaks and my housemates and I can start fretting over our schedule again.

Speaking of Cartoon Fire Island, check out this Family Guy clip. That's right, I'm sending you to some other Fire Island cartoon because I have nothing else to say about my own. I'll be back next Monday with more hi-jinx, though. Now g'wan, get outta here. Scoot.


theGayMonsters said...

Yay! Well worth the wait! The background looks awesome. I love the angle. It makes me want to dive into the pool. (Naked!) :)

"I did have a chubby kid on a raft earlier today. It's okay... I've been swimming a lot lately. MMmmmm... yummy."


Chris said...

Thanks, Andy. Funny how our comic schedules seem to coincide. Nice to see that you have resumed posting regular updates again, too.

Z-Maker said...

And hints of "drama bits," already, eh?
Luv. It.



Z-Maker said...


ANd Welcome back, Chris....your work has been missed.